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Retrouvaille Board 2022-2024

Pictured Left to right - Todd and Angie/Secretary Couple; Aaron and Amy/Coordinator Couple; Brian and Amy/Registration & Weekend Coordinators; Julie & Tony/Publicity and CORE Coordinators. 

Not pictured:  David & Michelle/Publicity

For more information on our Retrouvaille Grand Rapids leaders please check out the newsletter by clicking here.

Retrouvaille Board

The board members of Retrouvaille Grand Rapids are all dedicated volunteers who have been through the Retrouvaille Weekend and follow-up sessions.  They are each dedicated to helping keep marriages together with God's help.  Board members are chosen based on their ability to reach the Retrouvaille community, each in their own unique way. Service is generally based on two year terms.

Board meetings are the third Saturday of each month.  R.S.V.P. required. Location and agenda will be provided upon request. Please email us here if you wish to be included. 

retro board_edited.jpg

THANK YOU! To those board members who kept things afloat

during the difficult times of COVID!  We are so grateful for your 

very hard work and dedication!

Pictured from left to right:

Elaine & Greg Morris: Deputy Coordinators

Aaron & Amy Bobson: Coordinators

Jim & Mae Herwaldt: CORE Coordinators   

Not pictured: Amy & Brian Sanborn: WEEKEND Coordinators

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